2018 – 2021 Term Nominations

If you are a leader or coach at Community Christian Church you are eligible to participate in the Leadership Commission nomination process for the October 2018 through September 2021 term.

Please prayerfully consider who God wants you to nominate. Remember, the person(s) you nominate must be a leader or a coach. In addition, they must possess giftedness congruent with the responsibilities, spiritual maturity, and conduct that are above and beyond reproach. The Leadership Commission is responsible for the practical functions of congregational oversight, corresponding to the biblical roles of elder, bishop, and overseer. These include:

  • Doctrine – Assuring that the teaching of essential beliefs is consistent with biblical truths.
  • Discipline – Guiding and correcting believers in biblical conduct to ensure the unity and health of the body.
  • Direction Setting / Decision Making – Establishing the vision for the future of the church along with determining and implementing plans and policies which enable the body to accomplish this vision. This includes oversight of staff and lay leaders in matters such as finances, hiring, and church programs.

In addition, the person(s) you nominate:

  • Can not be on staff at COMMUNITY.
  • Must currently be serving in a leadership role in a ministry at COMMUNITY. (Coach or Leader)

If you have more than five nominations, you can fill out the form again. All nominations must be received by June 15, 2018, and will not be considered valid after that date. Your typed name on the form submitted will be used to represent your signature for nominations.

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