A MicroChurch for Families of Special Needs

This MicroChurch is intentionally designed for folks with special needs or have family members with special needs. We use the term “all abilities” to include ALL of us. We are all children of God and uniquely created in His image. This service is designed for the entire family to worship together and not feel disconnected. There might be expressions or movements during the worship service that are not seen in a traditional church service and some might call these expressions or movements a distraction. However, there are NO distractions, ONLY interactions, and everyone will know that they are welcome just as they are. Young and old, this service is for everyone, and everyone belongs. And since we all belong, all are invited in to be seen, known, heard, loved, and valued. This is what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like!

If you are a family with an all-abilities family member, join us Sundays at 6pm at the Naperville location. Led by Rick Bolle and our All Ability Team. Rick is a passionate leader with a heart for serving this community and heard his calling to plant this MicroChurch a few years ago. You and your family are invited to be part of this experience.


  • Meeting Sundays at 6pm at  Naperville Yellow Box
  • Everyone is welcome!

Questions?  Please contact Rick Bolle at rickbolle2@icloud.com