At COMMUNITY we connect with others in small groups

God designed us to live out our spiritual journeys together in community. Small Groups provide a place to build friendships, grow spiritually, live out the mission God has given us, and more. Our Small Groups meet at all different times of the week and in all sorts of locations. They typically consist of 8-15 people, and are committed to learning and growing spiritually together through studying the Bible, reading topical books about the Christian life, using our Big Idea Discussion Guide to dig deeper into our weekend messages, or just about anything that helps engage people with God’s truths.

Our Small Groups are open for anyone to join at any time. We continue to see real life-change happen time after time in those who choose to connect into a Small Group.  So just as they have since the beginning, Small Groups will always remain at the core of who we are.

To search for a small group at your location, use our online search tool. 

If you need help, fill out our Small Group Interest form below and we will help you get connected in a group!

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