Jeff Boriss

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Naperville Yellow Box Creative Arts Director | COMMUNITY Co-Arts Champion

Jeff is the Arts Director for Naperville Yellow Box. He also influences COMMUNITY as a Co-Champion of the Arts and NewThing as an Arts Catalyst. After attending Cincinnati Christian University and a performing on a few tours and albums with various bands, Jeff left Cincinnati to plant the third NewThing church in Michigan. A church planter at heart, he passionately loves the arts and can been seen on stage playing various instruments or behind the scenes helping with production. When he’s not at the Yellow Box, Jeff is often developing and coaching other Arts Directors, or you’ll find him in the garage making soap, cheese, beer, cream soda or some other concoction. Jeff married his high school sweetheart Geneva, and they have two young boys: Judah and Asher. Together, they love exploring restaurants, museums, concerts and festivals.

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