A new way to invite friends to church

A watch party is a group of people who meet in person or online to experience a service together.

You can meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere! This is a unique opportunity for us to invite new friends and neighbors from your circles of trust and influence. And remember, over half of Jesus’ teachings recorded in the bible occurred in an outdoor setting, so feel free to host in your backyard, driveway, garage, etc.

Below are some best practice suggestions:

1. Prayer

Don't skip this step! Take some time to pray for yourself, your watch party and the people you want to invite.

2. People

Neighbors? Friends? Coworkers? We all have a circle to invite to church.

  • A watch party is more than a gathering of friends from church. Invite friends and neighbors too who might not be comfortable with “traditional church” or meeting in a church building. Think of those who you already have a natural affinity or friendship with. Make it fun! 
  • Are kids attending? Consider including the Kids’ City Online content (updated weekly!) as part of your Watch Party.

3. Place

Everybody likes a party with a good environment!

  • Choose your meeting space. It could be on your deck, in your driveway or in a common area in your neighborhood. Make it a casual and comfortable place to gather. 
  • Don’t worry about being high tech! If you have a TV or computer or maybe even just an iPad, you’re all set!

4. Pre-Party

"Does the wifi work outside?" Probably best to check to make sure you have the best experience!

  • Don’t forget to check the internet 😉
  • Should people bring chairs? Should they bring their own food and drinks? Remember – it’s a PARTY! 🎉

Ready to join the party?

If you’re ready to join us on the frontlines of helping people find their way back to God during this challenging season we encourage you to get started below!