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what is YOU+?

The community God intends for us is based on three vital connections. As an apprentice of Jesus, these connections help you follow what Jesus modeled and taught about how life in the Kingdom of God is meant to be lived.

so, what are the three connections?  read on!

The first connection is between you and God, where you invest in an ever-growing, ever-maturing relationship with Him. The starting points in this relationship are weekly worship gatherings and daily spiritual practices such as reading and reflecting on Scripture, prayer, and baptism.

The second connection is about developing an ever-growing, ever-maturing connection with people in the church. The starting points in this connection are joining a small group and serving on a team.

Third, apprentices of Jesus cultivate their connection with people in the world. A great starting point is reaching those who are far from God by supporting the Jesus Mission through your generosity, and by joining a Community Cares Team.

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about the YOU+ Discipleship Conversation

Wherever you are coming from, you’re on a journey, and we want to be with you every step of the way—helping you find your way back to God. Through a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation, we will help you develop a personal growth plan that will help you grow in each of the YOU+ Connections. This conversation can happen between you and a trusted friend who knows Jesus, or we can schedule a YOU+ Facilitator to meet with you. You can choose your option when you complete the YOU+ Devotional.

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