Christmas Giftmart


2014 Giftmart in East Aurora and Joliet

Each year Giftmarts are hosted to benefit the school communities in East Aurora and Joliet. For almost a decade these Giftmarts have provided the GIFT OF DIGNITY by collecting more than 67,000 toys and selling them at a cost of $2 per toy in communities that would not have been able to purchase presents during the holiday season.

The Giftmarts have paved the way for these communities to provide the GIFT OF EDUCATION to their children by donating the proceeds of the event to neighborhood schools. This money has resulted in the purchase of much needed library books, computers, musical instruments among many other things.

Provide the GIFT OF COMMUNITY by joining our team to help plan, shop, set up and host the event at one of our many school sites. We plan this event all year, so its never too early to get involved!

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Joliet Giftmart | December 13
Sign up to volunteer at Isaac Singleton School here
Sign up to volunteer at Sator Sanchez School here
For information about the Joliet Giftmart, contact Dan Condreay

East Aurora Giftmart | December 20
Sign up to volunteer at the Bardwell Giftmart here
Sign up to volunteer at the Brady Giftmart here
For information about the East Aurora Giftmart, contact Amy Plummer

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