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One of these stories is from our Compassion Ministry, Face the Children. In 2014 Rose Mae and Trixie Mae, 11 years old and 6 months respectively, were two sisters living on the harsh streets of Manila. Their mother abandoned the family right after Trixie Mae’s birth, leaving their father to raise them on his own. Homeless and without education, their father would often leave them for three or four days at a time while he would try to gather recyclables or perhaps stay intoxicated. The fact that they survived is a miracle in and of itself.

After finding the girls in 2014, we worked with the social services and quickly got them off the streets and into Face the Children. Today, Rose is 13 years old and Trixie is a happy, bright, and healthy 3 year-old girl. Praise God! Their story proves God’s goodness and care for those who are in major need; it is only one story of many!