Above All Names

Week 1 | Who is our wonderful counselor?

December 10, 2023

Big Idea

As Wonderful Counselor, Jesus invites us into a wonder-filled life.


Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 7:28-29, Matthew 15:30-31, and Luke 2:16-18


Each week of this new series, Above All Names, we will consider the names given to Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, what it tells us about who Jesus is, and how that particular name can bring tremendous significance to our lives.

Opening Question

What is your most nostalgic Christmas memory?

Bible Discussion

  1. As a refresher from last week, read Isaiah 9:6. What does the name “Wonderful Counselor” bring to mind?
  2. Read Matthew 7:28-29. What had Jesus just told the crowds that brought amazement? (See Matthew 5 through 7:27.) Which of the subjects that Jesus redefines brings you the most amazement or wonder?
  3. Another passage that brings amazement is Matthew 15:30-31. What did the people praise the “God of Israel” for? What significance does the title “God of Israel” have here?
  4. Read Luke 2:16-18. Who found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, and how did they come about that? Who was amazed at the news they shared? What aspect of the birth of Jesus fills you with the greatest sense of awe and wonder?

Life Application

  1. When was the last time you felt wonder? Share the specifics of that moment and the emotions it stirred.
  2. Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Tell your story to encourage your group that God is still a God of miracles! Is there a miracle of healing you need today? Pray as a group for whatever healing is needed: physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual.
  3. Every day this week when you wake up, pray: “Jesus, I’m ready to see your wonder.” Come ready to share next week the wonder that Jesus opens your eyes and heart to this week.