Big Idea Series – Conversations

Week 1 – Race and Racism

May 26 – 31, 2019

Message Big Idea

Conversations can help us understand the many facets of a tough topic.


As a group, watch Dave Ferguson’s interview with Daniel Hill. It can be found here.

Discussion Questions

  1. When were you first made aware of your ethnic and cultural identity?
  2. Racism is a hard conversation topic. What experiences have you had in learning about, talking about, or personally experiencing racism? Would you share a story or experience?
  3. What stereotypes do we see and hear in the media around race?
  4. What struck you most about the video? Are there any reactions you had that you want to talk about during our group time?
  5. Read John 3:1-21. In what ways do we need to be born again if we are to be God’s people bringing God’s kingdom to our world?
  6. Daniel Hill mentions that one of the greatest gifts white people can give to others is greater knowledge of white culture. Whatever your ethnicity, how much do you think about your culture? How would you describe it?
  7. What next step do you feel compelled to take after this conversation?