Lost Cause

Week 4 | Why We Need to Serve Others

November 19, 2023

Big Idea

If we are going to revive evangelism, we must offer genuine friendship to others


Matthew 11:16-19, John 13:1-17 and Luke 22:24-27

Series Overview

In our current series, “Lost Cause”, we will learn how to revive our hearts to share God’s good news with others. Evangelism is not a lost cause, but an opportunity to offer genuine friendship to others.

Opening Question

Who was your best friend growing up? How did you become friends?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 11:16-19. Discover the context of this passage by reading Matthew 11:7-15. What do you think Jesus meant in verses 16-17? How does the last line of this passage sum up a prophetic warning?
  2. What lessons can we draw from John 13:1-17? What can we learn from Peter’s resistance? What was Jesus communicating to His disciples about what was to come
  3. Read Luke 22:24-27. What do you think led to this argument, and why was it a concern? How does Jesus redefine greatness? How does this impact your leadership?

Life Application

  1. The religious aristocracy criticized Jesus as a “friend of tax collectors and sinners”, but Jesus wore this as a badge of honor. How does this challenge you today? Are there groups of people in your community you’re discouraged from making friends with? What could you do to put yourself in closer proximity to the “tax collectors and sinners” in your context?
  2. How can serving our neighbors endear us to them and vice versa? In what ways have your neighbors served you? What could you do to begin serving (the first S in our B.L.E.S.S. practices) your neighbors now?
  3. End in prayer, asking God for opportunities to serve one of your eight neighbors, coworkers or friends you’ve been praying for since the start of this series. Doing something tangible for them could be the beginning of a wonderful new friendship where you can share the love of Jesus!