What Do Christians Really Believe?

Week 8 | About The Afterlife

Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021

Big Idea

We believe the story about Jesus is a never-ending story that acknowledges the reality of heaven and hell. God desires that every person will follow King Jesus and experience life in his Kingdom community forever. That is why we believe the most important thing we can do in this life is help people find their way back to God.


Revelation 21:1-5, Revelation 7:9, Matthew 5:22, 5:30, 25:41

Ice Breaker

What is the best Thanksgiving dinner leftover, in your opinion?

Opening Thought

Due to the cartoonish images that have been planted in our minds from TV and movies, it can be hard to imagine the reality of heaven and hell. Instead, we may envision the giant check-in desk in the clouds as heaven and the dark cave consumed in fire as hell. We may often think of heaven and hell as a “place we go” after we die. Scripture helps to reframe how we think about where heaven and hell may exist presently in our lives through the “now and not yet” presence of the Kingdom on earth. What images have impacted your understanding of “Heaven and Hell?”

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Revelation 21:1-5 and Revelation 7:9 as a group. What stands out to you? Why?
  2. What do you think is meant by “a new heaven and a new earth”?
  3. How is this description different from our present reality? Are there any similarities?
  4. In Mathew 25:41, who are the “cursed” that Jesus is talking about?

Life Application

  1. Do you think most people believe in heaven and hell? If not, why?
  2. How would you describe hell to someone that hasn’t heard the story of Jesus before? What do you think would be important for them to understand?
  3. Share your vision of what heaven will be like with the group.
  4. How can we manifest the future Kingdom of God right now in our current reality?


As Christ-followers, we want to spend eternity in heaven because it will be in a close relationship with Jesus. Over the next week, meditate and pray for what more “heaven on earth” can look like in your faith journey. How can more of his Kingdom be present in your life? Share with the group next week how or if this changed anything in your daily life.