Series Overview
During the toughest, most tragic moments of our lives, God is with us, God loves us, and God wants to use our most trying struggles to develop a living faith within us that can withstand any circumstance.

April 12 / Week 1 – Struggle
Big Idea: Pain can be a helpful reminder that God is not only our Lord, but He is also our loving Father.

April 19 / Week 2 – Surrender
Big Idea: When our faith is tested, and God seems silent, rather than chasing down another way to peace, trust that the one who has been faithful will, once again, be faithful to the end.

April 26 / Week 3 – Submit
Big Idea: Life is not about you, but about you being a willing participant in a larger mystery, and God will use anything (including pain) to mold you in to the likeness of Christ so you can shine brightly in the story He’s writing for our world.

May 3 / Week 4 – Serve
Big Idea: God wants to use the darkest part of your life to change both you and the world.