This series we’ll take a look at some of the tough questions we all have about faith and God that have no easy answers.

Even when facing big questions that don’t have easy answers, we can find solid reasons to move forward in faith, believing that the message of Christianity is true. This 4-week series tackles four tough questions looking for those reasons. Believers and skeptics all have these questions and examining them will help us grow in our spiritual journeys.

July 23 | Week 1 – Is Jesus the Only Way?

Big Idea: Salvation can only be found in the grace offered to us through Jesus; and that truth should make Christ-followers the most inclusive, reconciling, agents of peace the world has ever seen.

July 30 | Week 2 – Can I Trust the Bible?

Big Idea: The Bible can be shown to be a reliable document, accurately recorded and transmitted through history, which means we can trust the Bible as a solid foundation upon which to build our lives.

August 6 | Week 3 – How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering?

Big Idea: While God does not provide the reason for each experience of pain, through Jesus he does provide a way to face suffering with hope and courage rather than bitterness and despair.

August 13 | Week 4 – How Can a Rational Person Believe Miracles are True

Big Idea: A Christ-follower does not need to abandon rational thought to believe in the miracles described in the Bible or that miracles still happen today.