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Part of our journey as Christ-followers includes growing our connection with God by regularly spending time in His word. To assist you, one of the tools COMMUNITY provides is the Community Daily. Five days a week through email, you’ll receive a passage of scripture along with reflection and response prompts that will help you digest the scripture and take next steps. This simple Read, Reflect, and Respond method can help you engage with God through his written Word each day.


Slowly, thoughtfully read God’s Word. Read the passage more than once. Notice a word, phrase or verse that sticks out and write it down.


Since we’re reading the Bible to grow our connection with God, the God who wants to help us flourish as human beings, it can be helpful to ask ourselves questions like these as we reflect on the passage:

  • What do I learn about God?
  • What do I learn about Jesus?
  • What do I learn about myself?
  • What do I learn about us?

It can also be helpful to consult the notes in a study Bible or a commentary written by a Bible scholar to help us understand the background and context of the passage if we come across something we don’t understand. Trust the Spirit to lead your thoughts as you open yourself to hear from God. Write out a few sentences on what you think he is saying to you.


How will you respond? Write a short prayer to God In response to what you just heard him say through his Word and/or take action on anything the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do. Thank God for speaking to you.

Next Series Begins August 31