Leadership Commission

Our Leadership Commission is responsible for oversight of the doctrine, discipline, and direction of Community Christian Church

  • Doctrine – Ensure that the teaching of essential beliefs is consistent with biblical truths
  • Discipline – When necessary, guide attenders in biblical conduct to ensure the unity and health of the Church.
  • Direction – Uphold the vision and mission of the Church, including the plans and policies carried out by the staff to accomplish this mission.

The Leadership Commission is composed of the Lead Pastor of COMMUNITY and between 7-12 non-staff attenders of the church who exemplify the Leadership Expectations of COMMUNITY. The term for a member of the Leadership Commission is three years, and they cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. After completing two terms, they are not eligible to serve on the Leadership Commission again for at least one year.

Listening Team

COMMUNITY is committed to providing an environment that is free of harassment and all forms of abuse. Therefore, our Leadership Commission has established a Listening Team as a resource for any staff member, volunteer, or attender to share concerns about harassment or abuse. If you have a concern about harassment or abuse, please contact our Listening Team at listening@communitychristian.org.

If you prefer to anonymously share your concern about harassment or abuse with a member of our Leadership Commission and our Human Resource Director, you may contact a third-party confidential reporting hotline accessible by phone at (844)-739-0080 or by web at communitychristian.ethicspoint.com.