September 24, 2023 | How we hear God’s voice through Jesus

Big Idea

The primary way God has spoken to the world is in Jesus. Hearing God begins with meeting Jesus.


Luke 24:13-35, John 1:1 and John 10:27

Opening Question

Have you ever met someone famous? If you have, share the story. If not, what present- day celebrity would you most like to meet and why?

Series Overview

This brand-new series, Hearing God, is about equipping ourselves to hear from God to be disciples of Jesus. A disciple is someone who hears from God and does what He says.

Bible Discussion

  1.  Read Luke 24:13-35. What stands out to you in this passage? Discuss the significance of how Jesus reveals himself to Cleopas and his companion.
  2. In what ways can we hear from God found in this passage of Luke 24?
  3. The primary way to hear from God woven into every detail of Luke 24:13-35 is Jesus. How does John 1:1 support this?
  4. Read John 10:27. How does this passage reveal how knowing Jesus and hearing God are interrelated?

Life Application

  1. Pete Greig, author of How to Hear God, states, “…all the vast libraries of theological thought, millennia of sermons and the relentless chatter of Christendom can be condensed down into just four surprisingly simple words: ‘Listen and follow Jesus.’” What are your thoughts on this statement?
  2. Have you ever struggled to hear from God? What were the circumstances? (Know that you are not alone in your struggle; many of us have struggled at various points in our lives.)
  3. Just as Jesus came alongside the two companions and asked, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” in Luke 24:17, He longs to converse with us. Is there a time in your life when Jesus Himself drew near to you? How did He speak? What did He say? How did that experience affect your faith?
  4. Share your story of how you found your way back to God. If you’re still in the process of finding your way back to Him, that’s OK! You’re in the best place to do so.