StuCo Contact Info

Aurora StuCo Director  – Lauren Knautz
(920) 973-2293

Downers Grove StuCo Director  – Garrett Cook
(630) 818-6903

Naperville StuCo Director  – Sam Crandall
(949) 584-2351

Plainfield StuCo Director  – Tonia Koss
(815) 531-2953

Yorkville StuCo Director  – Dave Stegall
(847) 312-0399

StuCo Security Director – Dean Marchisio
(708) 899-8014

About StuCo

At StuCo, we are passionate about helping students find their way back to God. God calls His people to be disciples of Him. The way we live that out at StuCo is through what we call the You+ life. Where we are growing in three different connections as we seek to be disciples of Jesus. Those connections are You + God, You + Church, You + World. While at camp, students will be encouraged to consider what it looks like to grow in these three areas of their own life. Check out the You+ tab above to learn more about what that will look like at camp!