Leadership Residency

Leadership Resident = Apprentice Church Planter

A Leadership Resident is someone in training to start a new, reproducing church. If you want to plant one church, this Residency isn’t for you. However, if you dream of a network or even a  movement of reproducing churches, this is the perfect opportunity for you! This training applies to the Lead Planter, but also extends to other ministry areas such as Creative Arts, Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry.

What to Expect:

  • High-level Access: Access to budget meetings, leadership meetings, brainstorming meetings and tough decision-making meetings.
  • Practical Ministry: An experience that includes apprenticing in a small group, leading a group and then reproducing that group.
  • Leadership Development: Be developed in a highly relational culture through a regular 1:1 with a location pastor, peer-to-peer cohort with other Leadership Residents and participating in our Lead Lab Experience. (see below)
  • A Platform: A Leadership Resident is given the opportunity to be sent well with prayer, support and generosity.
  • Funitas: We are not going to have someone trade his/her life for something slow and predictable. A Leadership Residency stretches your schedule, your mind, your dreams—and you are going to have a lot of fun getting there.


COMMUNITY’s LEAD program is designed to propel you forward in your leadership journey. As a Leadership Resident, you will participate in all three labs.