Current Series | This is The Way

This Sunday, November 29, we’re concluding our series This is the Way, talking about The Way to Wisdom. We’ve been journeying through the Sermon on the Mount these last five weeks, and well, where do we go from here? How are we to respond to the most famous sermon ever told? Join us this Sunday, as we explore this idea together.

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We host six services on Sundays and our online hosts would love to connect with you live during them! Service times are 8am, 9:15am, 10:30am, 11:45am, 5pm and 6:15pm (CT). If you miss a service, you can always catch up here.

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As we prepare for in-person services to resume, we need all hands on deck! Choose from 10+ teams to contribute today.

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Giftmart is collecting donations in the form of financial gifts. In order to preserve dignity and provide a choice, families will be able to purchase gift cards at a discounted rate, with all the proceeds going back to their school to fund things like library books, computers, and musical instruments.

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We want to help you take steps toward becoming a 3C Christ-follower. Dig deeper in your faith by signing up for the Bible Reading Plan, connecting with others in a small group, serving on a team, and more.

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Head on over to Kids’ City Digital Experience! Kids’ City videos and handouts for preschoolers, elementary and pre-teens are available anytime at Experience Kids’ City together as a family! You can also connect with us on Facebook during the week for live story time – Wednesdays at 2pm (elementary) and Fridays at 11am (preschool).

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